TFTP works towards a society wherein the progress made in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is innovatively employed to address developmental challenges.


     TFTP is committed to create, innovate and support appropriate use of ICT in the so-called traditional development sectors such as education, health and livelihood. TFTP believes that the appropriate use of technology can result only from a deeper understanding of developmental realities while innovations in technological possibilities can provide a quantum leap to the existing methods of enhancing livelihood options and information empowerment.


     TFTP work towards conceptualizing alternate and sustainable technological solutions to further the quality of life of marginalized and deprived communities in rural and urban areas. TFTP focuses on adolescent girls and women of poor communities as these groups are more technologically marginalized due to their historical disadvantages of social, economic and gender positioning. TFTP invests in research and development of innovations that will improve the access of these groups to technology and also in developing technological solutions to improve their quality of life through alternate skills leading to economic empowerment.