Lighting up the Small world: LED Kits for slums in the old city


          TFTP has initiated a programme to introduce LED  lighting system in the old city slums. In the initial phase, the education centres of TFTP and few selected houses in the slums are being selected for this. It is expected that the demonstration effect of such a move will induce more and more families to adopt this kit. This initiative has been enabled through a partnership with a Hyderabad based NGO, THRIVE - who are involved in alternate enegry research.


It is envisaged that diffusion of technology such as this among the socially and economically marginalized households can facilitate a quantum leap in their quality of life which in turn can be stimulated for inducing a multiplier effect on social and economic well being.

Localizing the solutions: Fluoride Mitigation and alternate livelihood options


          In Andhra Pradesh 16 of the total 23 districts are fluoride endemic and the consumption of high fluoride water leads to many health hazards including permanent malformation of bones. Fluoride mitigation efforts of the government have been mainly through the supply of filters that are not affordable for a majority of the poor population affected by it. TFTP is developing a clay filter for fluoride and aims at a large sale production of it through women self-help groups (SHG) in the affected districts. Such an initiative has the potential to provide the affected population with a cost efficient filter (for a prize that is half of the available model in the market) and also in promoting an alternate and sustainable source of income for the women SHG members in these areas. This prototype will be pre-tested in the select districts and thereafter will be undertaken as a pilot project during the year 2006-2007.