1. Education

Learning from each other: Internship Programme for Students from UK at TFTP schools


          TFTP has organised internship programme for students from Malvern College, UK at class XII level wherein they participated as resource persons for training the students at the TFTP study centres. This programme has been initiated with two objectives. For the interns, it serves as career guidance for their graduate studies by providing them with an understanding of developmental issues mired in social, economic and gender determined factors. For the local students, it provides an exposure to the outer world beyond the limits of old city and helps them to widen their world view in terms of aspirations and social interactions. Teaching-learning process is also enriched as it allows for peer group learning. TFTP plans to continue this programme in the coming years by establishing partnership with more schools in UK and in other developed countries.

2. Hygiene & Sanitation

IEC for Behavioral Change Communication: Hygiene and Sanitation Campaign in Schools in Gangtok


          Recognizing the health hazards of poor hygiene, especially in the early years of childhood, and schools as the critical institution for children from poor families to understand the link between hygiene and health, Sikkim Water Supplies and Sewage authority in collaboration with Aussaid has initiated Hygiene and sanitation camps in schools. In the pilot phase it has implemented in 10 government schools in Gangtok. TFTP has been entrusted to design and plan the campaign for development of appropriate behaviour change communication materials. As part of this, TFTP has designed child friendly print materials to disseminate information on hygiene and induce positive change in personal behaviour and school sanitation. A mascot called `Kanchan Panda' has been created to carry the messages condensed in a "Hygiene and Sanitation kit". This kit includes soap strip booklets, leaflet on hand washing to support soap booklets, personal hygiene card, personal achievement card, hand washing games for primary students, student survey sheet, promotional material badges and tshirts for rewarding personal achievements in behaviour change and badges for hygiene captains.


          The campaign follows a process oriented approach towards behaviour change and the innovative methods employed by using creative material have seemed to have played a catalytic role in bringing out the desired outcomes. This campaign has been documented at every stage and is expected to be up scaled to cover the entire state of Sikkim.

3. Skill Mapping for Livelihood Promotion

          TFTP has undertaken a skill mapping survey among people living with HIV+ to support them with alternate livelihood opportunities. This project is being supported by APLA - Los Angeles and is implemented in the city of Chennai in liaison with YRG - CARE.

4. Knowledge Centers

          Sharing NASSCOM Foundation's vision of becoming an enabler and harness ICT to transform the lives of the under - served,  TFTP has partnered with NF to set up rural knowledge centers in 10 locations across 3 states in South India. These centers are  designed as sustainable business models linking communities to knowledge and required services.